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Changes in Funtoo

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Hey all,


I would like to address some  issues that I have been experiencing lately. 


After some time of standard emerge --sync && layman --sync  I found some package removal information (net-im/psi) and went to look for replacement for it. I was quite baffeld that there was newer version in portage (https://gpo.zugaina.org/). So I started digging around and found that there was change in Funtoo's portage.


It is okay. I will not discuss moving to kits over previous system as I simply do not know much about this.


But, I found that looking for information about this whole process painfull. It is incosistent, fragmented over forum, news items, bugzilla and github. Even news are fragmented as I went to http://www.funtoo.org/and clicked "more" first two items are not listed but when you go http://www.funtoo.org/News there are all news. Why not just link to there with the more button? 


Why there is no something like portage news with critical changes to the system? Even linking to news page could be better than nothing.


Why there is no single page with all the info updated when needed?


Where is more information on how ego sync does work and why not to use it with other kits? Does it include layman overlays or just kit branches?


I know this mess will take time to sort out. I can see that there are packages that are older in gentoo portage and some can not be downloaded anymore (fldigi).



Also, there should be a changelog. When funtoo moved to grub2? Was is when gummiboot was renamed? 

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I'm happy with where these changes are going now that I (think I) understand it better but I agree that it could have been better communicated and managed to create less impact.


Ideally they would have maintained the existing system and offered access to meta-repo in alpha, beta, rc, and release versions.  Unfortunately I think their path was probably necessary due to having such a small team.  Maintaining the existing flow of changes from upstream while transforming so much on the back end was probably not practical.


On the communication front, I agree that it's a bit much to expect people to go check the web page or forum every time they're doing an update.  It would be nice if one of the command line tools could pull a feed and at least present a link to any news updates.

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