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Cleanly switching stage3 ?



To find out I may make a virtualbox image and try it myself, but just curious if someone already tried switching. This need may appear if someone wants to switch from the generic to a processor specific subarch. I would like to know if it is possible to do a clean switch, i.e. without leaving remnants and effecting system stability.


One way I can think of is:

1. boot with SystemRescueCD

2. get the list of files contains in the original stage3 file and use that to delete files on the system. One question here: how can I find out the correct stage3 file's subarch and version if I don't have the original tar.xz file?

3. unpack the new stage3 file

3. something else?




Reading this gave me an idea that I will have to recompile all the installed package over again.

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