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Yesterday in Milano I par

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Yesterday, milan, I attended a meeting related to Fedora .... 

Fedora was my first Linux system I use, and I love so many members of this forum .... :)

I hope you do not bother if I send you a link (I'm the one with the glasses behind, wondering about encryption and support AES-NI) 


I hope you do not mind if I publish this .... because in talking I could not help myself from saying that Portage is the most eclectic and brilliant so far on the planet ...... although many are not in agreement. But in my han wrong. Portage is the best for me .... allows you to build the archetype of the system you want: P 


If I had a [ot] wrong forgive me .... deleted if it seems appropriate. 


I hope you will please; see : http://videobam.com/VikFI  :)


This is a little part of a discussion about gpg keys held by Frafra (a Fedora ambassador). I am the "fat" that you see behind: D: D: D :)

However, I will ask him if he wants to participate in the project's Magic Funtoo: P


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