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Not using Funtoo (yet) How to check for supported packages?

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   I've used Gentoo for years (approx 2002-03) but find these days that it doesn't provide enough value for the amount of work I have to do to keep machines updated. Additionally it seems that overlays for a few apps I need aren't supported that much anymore so maybe I have to move on.


   I'm not yet running Funtoo but I'd like to know where I might look to see if there is support for a few programs I need. Is there a good way to discover that without a working Funtoo install?



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Thanks Cardinal. In general it looks like what I need is there, as best I can tell right now.


OK, let me ask a question about Funtoo in general. I've looked at the portage tree and I find, for instance, Handbrake, which was one of the apps I use consistently. Handbrake has had a lot of emerge problems on my systems due to sort of a schizophrenia in Gentoo land about libav vs ffmpeg, and then further what versions of libraries are required. My minimal understanding of Funtoo is that it's Gentoo-based but supplies prebuilt binaries instead of me having to build them myself. Assuming that's not completely incorrect, and assuming I can choose a plasma/KDE desktop environment, will I then find that whatever apps I choose from the portage tree (handbrake, makemkv, virtualbox, etc.) are going to install and work? Or is there something along the lines of USE flag choices that gets in the way of using some apps?


I'm going to go through a Virtualbox install of Funtoo over the next few days and see for myself but forewarned is forearmed, etc.



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