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"emerge nvidia-drivers" stops at dev-qt/qtcore



When emerge stops, the reason given is "USE flag 'ia64-linux' not in IUSE" for package. So I type "USE="ia64-linux" emerge dev-qt/qtcore" and process goes to completion. Great! When I again type emerge nvidia-drivers, figuring that portage would see that dev-qt/qtcore had already been emerged and hence wasn't needed, I see that, again qtcore had been merged with the same result! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?


I think I need help!

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FOUND IT! I knew this before from using Gentoo, but too much time elapsed between then and now. It is never a good idea to have many use flags set when emerging large packages. In this case, I applied "kde" and "kde-plasma-5" mix-ins to my epro before I had X working.


I fixed the issue by removing both mix-in flags, and then doing what still needed to be done to get a working X. THEN I re-applied the kde and kde-plasma-5 mix-ins, and, really, life is good again.

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