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  1. Basic and desktop installs went fine; my problem is with the time it takes to get clamd and then freshclam up to speed. I'm not sure I want to add clamd to the boot runlevel because I don't want to bring everything to a screeching halt there any more than I wanted everything to come to a screeching halt at the default runlevel. It occurred to me to just have the os bring clamav up as a totally background ap after I've logged into the desktop, but I have NO idea how to go about setting that up....
  2. First off, I want to thank everyone who helped by answering my could-have-been-answered-by-myself questions. For some reason, I didn't pay attention to the embedded links in the installation articles. If I had, BINGO! End of problems - all of them! Many thanks to DR for a superb job with the articles! And if he just edited them, thanks to the person(s) who wrote them, AND to DR for his editing! My best advice to newbies is to trust the articles, follow them AND the embedded hyperlinks. They are there for a reason!
  3. Yes, dbus is enabled. I use consolekit; elogind in not installed. I'm going to try gnome. I've always used KDE in the past, but I think there is, right now, an issue with KDE's display manager. (Besides, I really enjoy starting an install from scratch....) Thanks for responding, Otakku!
  4. Core system working well, including X. Problem is getting KDE to start; it doesn't. Tried sddm first - followed suggestions, adding it to /etc/conf.d/xdm DISPLAYMANAGER="sddm". That caused the system to hang when rc started xdm - got a blank screen with the mouse cursor, but nothing worked beyond that. Rebooted with the sysresqcd to log onto the system and delete xdm (with sddm as displaymanager) from the rc-update default setting. I've heard good things about gdm, but found no mention of someone using it to start KDE, and no instructions for how to aim the displaymanager at KDE, much les
  5. Solved!!! Thanks to Lazlo.vii! It all worked great
  6. Wow! Complete answer!! I commented out my USE flags in make.conf; didn't help. I'll write down your suggestions, try them, and report. Thanks a million! One more question: I'm not familiar with "dispatch-conf". Got a short explanation? Or can you point me to one, long or short?
  7. Disclaimer: I used Gentoo back when it was still v.1.0 and drobbins still administered it. Used it for some years. (Sort of the perpetual newb!) Came over to Funtoo "just 'cuz" and built a nice, usable install with kde. Enjoyed it for a couple of years, then noticed that an upgrade was available. I upgraded, but the internet connection was borked following the upgrade; I figured the easiest (well, maybe not the easiest!) job would be to do a complete reinstall. So I did. Everything has gone well EXCEPT for the re-install of KDE. The USE flags are killing me! I cannot find an accep
  8. FOUND IT! I knew this before from using Gentoo, but too much time elapsed between then and now. It is never a good idea to have many use flags set when emerging large packages. In this case, I applied "kde" and "kde-plasma-5" mix-ins to my epro before I had X working. I fixed the issue by removing both mix-in flags, and then doing what still needed to be done to get a working X. THEN I re-applied the kde and kde-plasma-5 mix-ins, and, really, life is good again.
  9. When emerge stops, the reason given is "USE flag 'ia64-linux' not in IUSE" for package. So I type "USE="ia64-linux" emerge dev-qt/qtcore" and process goes to completion. Great! When I again type emerge nvidia-drivers, figuring that portage would see that dev-qt/qtcore had already been emerged and hence wasn't needed, I see that, again qtcore had been merged with the same result! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? I think I need help!
  10. OKAY! Found my answer. I'll just change my "epro" profile.
  11. Additionally, I intended pointing out that the "ACCEPT_KEYWORDS" phrase was a necessity in Gentoo when choosing whether to use "current"ly released packages or stable ones.
  12. The above phrase was/is used in the /etc/portage/make.conf file to indicate to portage whether to build the stable packages or to build the "other than stable" packages. In Funtoo, is choosing the "current" stage equivalent to using ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~amd64"? I'm asking because I think I want to dial back the KDE packages I've installed.
  13. It's all good, now! Close the case, Watson!
  14. "Emerge --sync" didn't help, had to mask the package. (My Gentoo reflexes are rusty - shoulda thought of it at first!). KDE is installing without a hitch now. Thanks!!
  15. I know I should have posted the emerge info, but.... Seemed to me that there would be so many complaints about this that the emerge info would be a glut on the forum. And thanks for responding! I so recently ran an rsync and etc that I figured I'd have the most recent everything. Evidently not!
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