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how to deal with config in etc files? i need a tutorial on how to update them?


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Any place i can read about them, i know there is dispatch-conf and etc-update but i really dont know how to use them, when i saw to files with new info i dont know what is important and what is not, any article or web place to read about? 

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Funtoo (and Gentoo) use a system called CONFIG_PROTECT to prevent new package installations or updates from clobbering your important configuration files.




When you run etc-update of dispatch-conf you're comparing the configuration file offered by an updated package with the copy that you've edited to configure your system.  If there are no other changes to the new suggested configuration file you should use the option to delete the updated file and keep your existing file.


Occasionally you will see more changes in the new config file and those should be examined.  Sometimes an updated package will require updated configuration options or include new settings or defaults for security purposes.   In those cases if you're not comfortable using the "merge" feature to merge the changes then I recommend selecting the option to save the new config file as an example configuration. You can then manually compare the differences between the new configuration file and your original and decide what steps you need to take to address any changes.


Hope that's helpful.

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