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app-arch / p7zip has unmet requirements



Hi Guys,


Im trying to install p7zip and portage refuse cooperation. 


 emerge p7zip            
Calculating dependencies \

!!! Problem resolving dependencies for app-arch/p7zip
... done!

!!! The ebuild selected to satisfy "p7zip" has unmet requirements.
- app-arch/p7zip-16.02-r1::gentoo USE="kde pch -doc -rar (-static) -wxwidgets" ABI_X86="-x32"

 The following REQUIRED_USE flag constraints are unsatisfied:
   kde? ( wxwidgets )


Is it a bug to report or I can do something from my site?

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If You use KDE:

Try (as root):

# egencache --update-use-local-desc
# euse -E wxwidgets -p app-arch/p7zip
# emerge -DNu p7zip (if you want the "complete 'tree')
# emerge -Nu p7zip

If You want You can enable the USE flag "wxwidgets" also in make.conf as "Global USE flag"


Please, tell us if solved or not :)


Otherwise I think may be a good thing to post your "epro list".


If You don't use kde, you can try with

# USE="-kde" emerge -u p7zip

Then mask it in /etc/portage/package.use


eg: (# euse -D kde -p app-arch/p7zip).


Hello :)


(Dobr?nos) _'_ :)

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egencache --update-use-local-desc
usage: egencache [options] <action> ... [atom] ...
egencache: error: --repo option is required


I had to add missing --repo gentoo and its emerging so should be ok :) Thanks


But btw is it portage issue? Sometimes I cant emerge some apps because portage errors and I dont know should I reported everything as a bug, post it  here or do something else?

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