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Posted by Chris Kurlinski , 16 August 2015 · 2551 views

Not sure how many people out there are like me, but here is a project I just about to complete for a client.

I'm not in the IT industry, I'm in construction, a master plumber by trade, but do a lot of building management system integrations, and a lot of really specialty projects, like custom fire pits with iPad controls, high end pools ( we're talking 100K gal completely automated, heat pump / solar water heater for potable water, large solar systems ( looking forward to trying out the Tesla Power Wall ). Generally, anything that requires a computer interface, I'll do. Basic anything is boring, and not for me.

Well, this leads my to my latest project that's wrapping up. (3) Years ago, I did a pool system for a client, but they didn't have time to build a structure over the equipment, and over the last (3) years the equipment is starting to fail, the Bahamian sun and sea is brutal on this kind of stuff. So I proposed to he client to build a structure over the equipment to protect it. He said great idea, what will it cost, and I went huh?

After some thought and a lot of design work, I draw some plans up and priced it to the client, and he said great, when can you start.

So here is the original design.
Attached Image

And here is the final structure without paint.
Attached Image

The only modification from the original design was the doors, which I custom built from Number 1 grade fir, and used some left over epi wood for the siding. Sanding and painting is all that is left.

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Nice job!

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Oleg Vinichenko
Feb 20 2016 05:51 PM


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