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About compiz-fusion


Hi to All ... i've trouble with the USE "gconf" then i'm n ot able to install compiz in my Funtoo "stable".


In Fedora 24 alpha it works.


How can i do ?

ci74771ht ~ # emerge compiz compiz-fusion emerald hicolor-icon-theme --autounmask-write
Calculating dependencies... done!
emerge: there are no ebuilds built with USE flags to satisfy ">=x11-wm/compiz-0.8.8[gconf?]".
!!! One of the following packages is required to complete your request:
- x11-wm/compiz- (Missing IUSE: gconf)
- x11-wm/compiz- (Missing IUSE: gconf)
- x11-wm/compiz-0.9.12::gentoo (Missing IUSE: gconf)
(dependency required by "x11-plugins/compiz-plugins-extra-0.8.8::gentoo" [ebuild])
(dependency required by "x11-wm/compiz-fusion-0.8.8::gentoo" [ebuild])
(dependency required by "compiz-fusion" [argument])

My "epro" is

ci74771ht ~ # epro list
=== flavor: ===
    core*, desktop, hardened, minimal, server, workstation
=== build: ===
    current, experimental, (stable*)
=== arch: ===
    arm-32bit, pure64, x86-32bit, (x86-64bit*)
=== subarch: ===
    amd64-bulldozer, amd64-jaguar, amd64-k10, amd64-k8, amd64-k8+sse3
    amd64-piledriver, amd64-steamroller, atom_64, btver1_64, core-avx-i
    core2_64, corei7, generic_64, intel64-broadwell, intel64-haswell
    intel64-ivybridge, intel64-nehalem, intel64-sandybridge, intel64-silvermont
    intel64-westmere, native_64*, nocona, opteron_64, xen-pentium4+sse3_64
=== mix-ins: ===
    X*, audio*, cinnamon, console-extras*, dvd*, gnome*, gnome-3.16-fixups*
    hardened, kde*, kde-plasma-5, lxde, lxqt, mate*, media*, media-pro*
    mediadevice-audio-consumer, mediadevice-audio-pro, mediadevice-base
    mediadevice-video-consumer, mediadevice-video-pro, mediaformat-audio-common
    mediaformat-audio-extra*, mediaformat-gfx-common, mediaformat-gfx-extra*
    mediaformat-video-common, mediaformat-video-extra*, no-emul-linux-x86
    no-systemd*, openvz-host, print*, python3-only, vmware-guest

Thanks :)

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