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boot-update constantly failing



Hi community its my first time here. I'm a sys admin by day. I've just left the arch community due to the elitist snobbery that goes on there.

Anyway its my first time installing Funtoo and I'm having trouble installing grub

I've followed the install guide step by step. 

My setup is /dev/sda1 boot and /dev/sda2 /

I don't run a swap file as I have 32gig of ram. I've done an emerge boot-update and edited the /etc/boot.conf to change it to Funtoo Linux genkernel as instructed.

when I do boot-update I get the following error.

* Generating config for grub...
 * NOTE : Detected MBR boot. Configuring for Legacy MBR booting.
 * ERROR : No matching kernels or boot entries found in /etc/boot.conf.
 * Did not complete successfully.
Does anyone know whats going on here?
Brett Stevens
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