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new install: emerge fails, can't find git and bzip2



Using sysrescuecd 4.5.0 to install funtoo on a desktop. All steps followed (http://www.funtoo.org/Install) until the first emerge --sync. That fails with "command not found: git" And a bit later also complains about not finding bzip2, and "invalid profile" (doesn't say which profile is invalid).


I'm actually posting this while logged into the sysrescd-booted system, with installation halted by the above. Any help appreciated.


(edit) forgot to mention, there actually is no git on the sysrescd; bzip2 is present however.

(edit2) I'm trying to emerge t from the live CD, non-chrooted; see if that helps. It's funny that a live CD recommended and linked to on the installation page doesn't actually have all the tools needed.

(edit3) I'm using     http://build.funtoo.org/funtoo-current/x86-64bit/generic_64/stage3-latest.tar.xz

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The tools are in the extracted stage3 install partition.

You're having problems because your not chrooted into the mounted install partition containing the extracted stage3.

Establish internet connection.

Mount the install partition.

Download,verify,then copy the stage3 to the install partition.

Extract the stage3.

Chroot into the install partition.

Run "emerge --sync" with an internet connection from within the chroot which contains the necessary programs.

Profile must be set after successful emerge --sync which downloads portage contents including profiles into /usr/portage

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Yes, I was chrooted. I'm following the directions on the install page exactly. For more certainty, I copy and paste the commands in the terminal. :)


I think it was a problem with the downloaded stage3 tarball. I re-downloaded it, and now I got past this step. Emerge --sync is running now.


Thanks for the help!

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