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Is it possible to avoid abi_x86_32 on a 64-bit desktop?


I can understand why certain binary packages which are only available in 32-bit versions would require 32-bit versions of libraries to be installed as dependencies. What I don't really understand is why 32-bit dependencies still get pulled in when all the software I have installed is compiled from source. Is it possible to avoid 32-bit software completely? It's not that I mind having 32-bit software installed. The problem I have is that sometimes what happens is that a single 32-bit program in turn may require many other programs to also be compiled as 32-bit, so it seems like an endless chain of dependencies having to be recompiled as 32-bit. Are there some ebuilds which default to having abi_x86_32 enabled? Is this possibly why 32-bit dependencies are inevitably pulled in?

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You've select "pure64" in your profiles ?

# epro list

And in make.conf must be set 


then take a look to "emerge --info" and to /etc/portage/package.use if is enabled some abi_32 variable.


However, i've a multilib system and the space for lib32 is:

sandro@ci74771ht ~ $ du -hs /lib32/
5,8M    /lib32/

Then a very little space on the disk :)

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