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About nvidia-drivers 358.09


Hi; i've compiled gentoo-sources-4.3.0 with "experimental USE flag".

I had to unmask nvidia-drivers 358.09 cause the 355.11-r2 doesn't run with this kernel.


But i've seen in stdout and in the use one new features: about the use is "kms" (Kernel Mode Setting).

In stdouth , now,

1) Install nvidia module

2) install nvidia-uvm module

3) install nvidia-modeset module


How to take advantages from this new feature ?


Thank You for any suggestion.

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I haven't actually seen any actual use cases of this feature yet.  I know this is going to help with the framebuffer in the future without having to use v86d but I'm not sure how to implement this myself or if the kernel can utilise it at this point.

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