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im new with funtoo where is the package j4-dmenu-desktop?



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It is not on the tree, but the upstream git page has instructions for installation in gentoo(you can apply those to funtoo) from a greek overlay, but you'll need to learn about layman and overlays (non official repos), package.accept_keywords and live ebuilds(versions 9999* basically fresh from git). start by installing layman also you should check eix(emerge eix) to search for packages, nobody really uses emerge --search(too slow).

If you will try to install it, I advice you, when using overlays, be aware the quality of the ebuilds might not be as good as the main repo, the ebuilds might be unmaintained. But that shouldn't stop you, just check the overlay is being maintained, and if you use live ebuilds, that means you can report any problem you have directly to upstream because you are building their latest code.

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