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LDAP Authentication using LXDM

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I configured a Funtoo laptop to authenticate to an LDAP server that has been in use for years and is known to work.  I can ssh to the Funtoo system as any LDAP user.  But I cannot log in via LXDM as an LDAP user, with one exception: 


"user1" was a locally-created user, but once LDAP authentication was set up, "user1" was removed.  "user1" exists as an LDAP user, but with a different UID and GID.  "user1" is now the only LDAP user who can log in via LXDM.


I don't know if it's significant that "user1" was previously a local user, or that he had previously logged in via LXDM as a local user.  But it's the only difference I can think of between him and the other LDAP users who cannot log in via LXDM.


Any ideas? 


By the way, I am also running sssd for offline logins.  But my testing was done while I had a network connection and could access the LDAP server.

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I found out the problem was not with LDAP at all.  If a user tried to log in using the "Default" desktop, they could not log in.  I am guessing this is because there was no .xsession or .xinitrc for those users.  Although I would have assumed that there would be a system-wide default to handle this. 


If a user selected "LXDE" or "Fluxbox", login worked.

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