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mount: mounting /dev/sda5 on /newroot failed...



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1) Control The file /etc/fstab and adjust it if not correct!


2) is a UEFI + GPTGUID system or old BIOS/MBR system ?


3) control the /etc/boot.conf




If doesn't run, could you kindly post


# parted -l


with the description of the destination of each partition ?


If You want I can enter with ssh (port 22).


Tell me !!!





this is the mine


sandro@cit4771ht ~ $ cat /etc/boot.conf
boot {
        generate grub
        default "Windows 10 x64"
        timeout 3

"Windows 10 x64" {
        type win8
        params root=/dev/sda1

"Funtoo Linux genkernel" {
        kernel kernel[-v]
        initrd initramfs[-v]
        params += real_root=auto rootfstype=auto



You can also indicates the real_root=/dev/sda5 (if /dev/sda5 is the root)

Or You can make real_root=UUID=xfghjkfhdgshetcetc


For the right UUId you can make :

# blkid -g && blkid




I wish to have spoked simple ......

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