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/etc/issue missing

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I noticed that there is no /etc/issue file in a default install of Funtoo stable.  Is this an error, or is it intended?  Or perhaps there is a package I must install to get this file?


Of course I could create this file manually, but most Linux distros I'm familiar with will provide this.  I use this file in my .vimrc file to make certain settings depending on the distro I'm using vim on.  Is there something besides /etc/issue that I could/should be using to do this?

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/etc/issue is just printed to stdout prior to login. When I first installed gentoo I did not have one until I created one with a tux logo using the program linux-logo. You're welcome to create it, overwriting it is not a problem, if it were then your system would not boot correctly.

If you feel that this is a bug you can create a bug report or feature request at https://bugs.funtoo.org .

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