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kernel update instructions

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I installed my kernel by the manual method:


emerge gentoo-sources

cd /usr/src/linux

make menuconfig

# copy a working kernel to /usr/src/linux

make && make modules_install

cp arch/x86/boot/bzImage /boot/

emerge boot-update

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I also install my kernel manually. The process that I have been using for upgrading is very similar to your initial install...


# merge different or updated kernel package (e.g. gentoo-sources)

emerge gentoo-sources
#change /usr/src/linux link to the new kernel package directory
eselect kernel list
# find the number x corresponding to the new version
eselect kernel set x
#transfer old kernel config (e.g. 4.0.0. is the old kernel version)
cp -av /usr/src/gentoo-sources-4.0.0/.config /usr/src/linux/.config
#enter kernel directory
cd /usr/src/linux
#kernel config
make oldconfig
#optional - review/change kernel options
make menuconfig


#build and install - assumes that /boot is mounted if separate to /

#include -j8 so to use 8 threads (same as MAKEOPTS in make.conf)
make -j8 bzImage
make -j8 modules
make install && make modules_install

#update external initramfs (if applicable)


#update bootloader (assumes sys-boot/grub and correct /etc/boot.conf)
#re-merge kernel module packages against new kernel (e.g. x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers)
emerge --ask --verbose @module-rebuild


After a successful reboot and verification of new kernel, consider removing old kernel files.


#old kernel source directory

cd /usr/src

rm -r gentoo-sources-4.0.0

#kernel files installed to /boot

cd /boot

rm vmlinuz-4.0.0

rm config-4.0.0

rm System.map-4.0.0

#old kernel modules

cd /lib/modules

rm -r 4.0.0

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