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Is BIOS / GPT installation dropped? Not mentioned in the install guides. Was there in 2012

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Dear All


I am an old member with 252 posts. Unfortunately, when Daniel did something with the website, my user name and all my posts vanished. I had written to Daniel also. He said it is irrecoverable


Earlier, the web pages, forums, we not as glamourous as now.

But, in the install guides, I remember there was a paragraph about using GPT/EFI on BIOS. Now, there is no mention of it.

Why is this? Dropped?

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I'm in the process of trying to get a BIOS + GRUB (GPT) on a BIOS-only system (Dell T7500), and I had this exact question, also (I did this back in circa 2014/15)...

...here's the WaybackMachine entry:


hth others

Regards, splifingate

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