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Switch from current to stable

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Is it possible to switch from the "current" build to "stable"? 


I am running into problems installing stable, but current installs fine.  So I am considering installing current, then running 'epro build stable' before installing any additional packages. 


Is this expected to work, or am I asking for trouble?

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  • Funtoo Linux Developer

It is possible, but I think this is not recommanded and may fail.


If are running into problmes installing stable, best is to ask for help on IRC or/and report a bug in the bug tracker: https://bugs.funtoo.org/


However, the recommanded build is "current". So unless you have a particular reason to choose stable, just stick to the recommended choice. :)

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My reason for wanting to use stable is that I hope to install Funtoo on several old machines.  I am hoping to minimize the impact of compiling updates on these underpowered machines.  Some might say that a source distribution is not right for my purposes, but I have other reasons for wanting to use Funtoo. 


Is there a guide or list of recommendations for running a Funtoo desktop on older hardware?


Is "current" recommended only because that's what the developers expect most Funtoo users would want?  Or is there a problem with using "stable" which causes it to be not recommended?

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