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ERROR: gnome-base/librsvg-2.48.8::gnome-kit failed (compile phase)



Hi everyone,

During the weekend I learned about Funtoo and the possibility of running an optimized operating system go me excited.

My laptop install got stucked during emerge of packages depending on librsvg (icewm, firefox, etc.).

Find the build.log attached.

Any ideas on how to fix this issue will be appreciated,




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How are you trying to install Funtoo? My experience suggest;

  1. install a bare base system -> reboot
  2. choose a desktop environment and install the basic components (for Gnome, use the gnome-core package or similar) -> reboot
  3. install applications you need, one at a time

Alternatively, consider switching to Devuan. (<- link!) Still systemd-free, based on Debian so properly stable, also highly customizable and it has a fraction of the install time required for source-based distro's like Funtoo, particularly on older low-core-count hardware. Admittedly I'm not currently on Funtoo, but Devuan. I like the principles of Funtoo, but emerge only tells you you've done something wrong and gives you cryptic hints on how you may or may not solve it, while apt/dpkg offers mature conflict resolution for packages straight out of the box. It saves the end user sooo much time not having to resort to endless hours of searching for answers while not really knowing what question you should ask 🙄


But that's just my tuppence 😎

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Posted (edited)

Just followed the official Funtoo install guide based on:

  • funtoo-livecd-20230311-1411.iso
  • stage3-intel64-haswell-next-2024-05-14.tar.xz
=== Enabled Profiles: ===

        arch: x86-64bit
       build: next
     subarch: intel64-haswell
      flavor: desktop
     mix-ins: gfxcard-intel-iris

=== Python kit: ===

      branch: next

Not really interested into a desktop environment, a window manager such as ice-wm is light and good enough for my own taste.

This time I have attached two files with the required output and traced the error down to:

Compiling downcast-rs v1.2.0


Running `rustc --crate-name rsvg_internals --edition=2018 rsvg_internals/src/lib.rs...

error: casting references to a bigger memory layout than the backing allocation is undefined behavior, even if the reference is unused
  --> rsvg_internals/src/surface_utils/mod.rs:73:13
73 |             *(&mut self[y as usize * stride + x as usize * 4] as *mut u8 as *mut u32) = value;
   |             ^^^^^^^------------------------------------------^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
   |                    |
   |                    backing allocation comes from here
   = note: casting from `u8` (1 bytes) to `u32` (4 bytes)
   = note: `#[deny(invalid_reference_casting)]` on by default

I am unfamiliar with rust but if someone provides me with some guidance I might be able to fix the source code and report the bug.

By the way, the compilation error arises while emerging ice-wm as well as other packages depending on librsvg, which makes me wonder why  librsvg has been integrated by Funtoo as part of Gnome (gnome-base)?

Thanks for suggesting Devual which I was unawareof, but my interest in Funtoo is not so much related to Systemv vs OpenRC (which by itself is already a win) but in having a base Linux system optimized for a particular device/hardware (i7-4500U in this case).


emerge_info.txt emerge_pqv.txt

Edited by juan
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