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Hi All,

Have you ever thought about officially joining the Funtoo project and helping us move Funtoo forward? I've added a new Staff (General) role to our Open Roles page on the wiki! This job description now defines what we officially expect from all Staff for the Funtoo Linux project -- basically the baseline for our team. It's where everyone should start if they are wanting to get officially involved with being part of our team.

Why have this job description formally posted? In the past, joining our staff has been an informal process of being involved to some degree on Discord and engaging with us. While this has been low-key and flexible, we have a variety of people who have a variety of time commitments and expectations have not always been clear. As the project is growing, we are defining more focused goals for the project and a more straightforward, open and consistent application process is needed.

If you are already contributing actively to Funtoo, consider applying for a Staff position and joining us by sending an email to jobs@funtoo.org 🙂 If you are currently Staff or have previously been Staff for Funtoo, consider this a way of getting more insight into how we are trying to more clearly define our culture and work community, and take a look at our direction. This is going to help us to build the kind of community that we can be truly proud of.

Best Regards,

Daniel Robbins
Creator, Gentoo Linux
BDFL - Funtoo Linux


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