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Unable to load / download / install fluidsynth-dssi



(On a Fujitsu Esprimo, dual Core 2 , 12 GB ram)

I have installed Rosegarden, QSyth, Jack, fluidsynth.  But when trying to open files in Rosegarden it crashes with a message that ir cannot load (it says "read" in my language) module fluidsynth-dssi. 

I have been unable to install it so far, having stopped dead @:

~ $ emerge --search fluidsynth-dssi
[ Results for search key : fluidsynth-dssi ]

*  media-sound/fluidsynth
      Latest version available: 2.0.4
      Latest version installed: 2.0.4
      Size of files: 1 346 KiB
      Homepage:      http://www.fluidsynth.org/
      Description:   Software real-time synthesizer based on the Soundfont 2 specifications
      License:       LGPL-2.1+

[ Applications found : 1 ]

What can be done at this point?

I am now trying to maintain Funtoo as my main distro, and it has been going well, so this seems to be  a minor problem, probably one on my side.


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The problem in this thread was first experienced in my Fujitsu Esprimo, dual Core 2, 8 GB ram.

I have now  installed as a comparison text, Rosegarden on my Fujitsu Lifebook, inyetl i5, 12 GB ram running Funtoo updated this morning, as was the cause with the Fujitsu Esprimo on the OP.

When I started Rosegarden I noticed an warning icon in  its panel, which produced the following message:MIDI



Player not available

Both MIDI and Audio subsystems have failed to initialize.

If you wish to run with no sequencer by design, then use "rosegarden --nosound" to avoid seing this error in the future. Otherwise, we recommend that you repair your system configuration and start Rosegarden again.

Then I  went back to the Esprimo and realized that the same icon was present there - which i  had ignored.

I am unable to understand anything beyond the first two sentences of the message.

I think this is a question for the Linux Musicians forum and i plan to asking there, but I think it may throw some light on my question about fluidsynth-dssi, which may be a question here






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First port of call to investigate: are Midi and the sound system actually installed, and working correctly? Next, are they started in the right order? Then, can the midi and sound system files be accessed by the application (in your case, Rosegarden), i.e. does it have sufficient permissions to read/write the required files.



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Thanks Dutch Master!   You have made me realize I need a couple months reading before I can start solving my Rosegarden problems.  (No irony intended !  )

As of now I have no idea of how to follow your instructions, and I find it very time consuming to search for answers to my specific questions, so I must read, read,  read .... 😞


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