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glib/GNOME update WOES for Funtoo Users

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Hey all,

As part of getting Funtoo updated for next-release, I updated some packages which caused some temporary disruption for desktop users.

The culprit was the update to glib-2.70.0. This update, we found, required several packages, particularly those related to session management, like gnome-session, cinnamon-session, etc. to be rebuilt. Rev bumps were added for all necessary packages that needed rebuilding. If you find a package that needs a rebuild that didn't get automatically rebuilt -- PLEASE -- for the love of God -- open a bug! ?

If that wasn't enough, there was ALSO another problem. Basically, glib-2.70.0 has a bunch of 'hardening' functionality (this was actually added in 2.67.2 but we were on an earlier version up until recently). This hardening prevented gnome-keyring-daemon from connecting to dbus. Which in turn prevented anything from connecting to gnome-keyring. So things like google-chrome would hang when they tried to connect to gnome-keyring, since they never got a response. I have added a new gnome-keyring package that works around this issue by removing 'caps' from the gnome-keyring-daemon binary. gnome-keyring 3.60.0-r1 should now happily connect to dbus and this issue should be resolved.

As of right now -- after a world update on your system -- your desktop environment should be happy! If this is not the case and you have to rebuild something or you find some component not working. Please -- open a bug! We want to know about any issues you are encountering and a 100% reliable desktop is super-important for our users.



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