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MATE building under next-release, Qt, glib updates in 1.4

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  • Funtoo Linux BDFL

Hi All --

MATE is now building fine under next-release.

We also identified an issue where the recent update to glib-2.70.0 was causing segfaults in cinnamon-session, mate-session-manager, cinnamon-screensaver, mate-screensaver. Changes have been added to the 1.4 and next trees to force rebuilds which should resolve the issues. If you are still having issues with MATE or Cinnamon session management segfaulting after the glib update, please open an issue on bugs.funtoo.org with more information about what is happening and include info from dmesg.

Qt 5.15.2 has also received updates to build under gcc-11 as well as some cleanups. These fixes have hit 1.4-release as well as next. This should allow KDE testing to begin for next-release.

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