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Problem with graphic interface



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The partition{s} for the root filesystem / and /home must be mounted read/write, yours appear to be mounted read only.

Check  /etc/fstab  and remove a ro option if it exists.

The /etc/fstab for mounting the partition for / on my funtoo install:

UUID=8c41a40b-5166-4c6c-9819-0713ffca423d              /               ext4            noatime         0 1

Funtoo is installed on my system on one partition /dev/sda9 and it is rw

rj@funtoo ~ $ mount
/dev/sda9 on / type ext4 (rw,noatime)


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Thank you. This is my fstab.


#<fs>          <mountpoint>        <type>      <opts>              <dump/pass>
LABEL=root     /                   ext4        noatime             0 1

No changes, same message,  /dev/sda9

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There are at least three possible reasons xauth can't create ~/.Xauthority and xorg-server can't create /tmp/.X0-lock

1. The partition{s} containing /tmp and /home are mounted read-only.

2. The partition{s} containing /tmp and /home have no free space.

3. The permissions are wrong and too restrictive for /tmp and ~/


~/ is an abbreviation for /home/<your regular users name here> you are currently logged into.

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