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Qt5 apps don't use the GTK style in non-GNOME desktops



I tried setting the XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP, and XDG_SESSION_DESKTOP to GNOME, and the QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE to gtk, and it doesn't work. In fact, it uses the Windows one. Also, it doesn't use the GTK file dialog, but the QStyle one.

I'm using MATE, and QT 5.4.1.

If qtwidgets wasn't compiled with gtk style, hoy can I do?

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Nevermind, I got what happened:


qtwidgets has gtkstyle disabled by default. A workaround, is unpacking, editing the configure script to force the gtkstyle enabled, compiling "manually", all with ebuild. Then, restart the session. Now it's working, but it still uses the QFileDialog, but GTK+-ish.


I hope this would be fixed in future releases, because editing that file every compiling time, is boring.

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