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kernel not starting on an lvm root file system



Hello everybody,

I just installed Funtoo release 1.4 on an AMD K10 cpu; the kernel is debian-sources-lts version 4.19.67_p2-r1. I used LVM for all the file systems, including the root file system (I used the instructions in the following guide).

I used the following kernel parameters in /etc/boot.conf (again from the guide mentioned above): dolvm real_root=/dev/funtoo/ROOT rootfstype=ext4 resume=swap:/dev/mapper/funtoo-SWAP. When booting I see the following messages:


vgscan and vgchange not found: skipping LVM volume group activation

Block device /dev/funtoo/ROOT is not a valid root device

I have another box running Funtoo release 1.3 with version 4.19.37_p6 of the Debian kernel. I have the same setup on this one as the new one (using LVM for the root file system) and it works fine. There's differences in relation to LVM in the initramfs files of the two kernels. Here's what I see for version 4.19.37_p6:




And only this for version 4.19.67_p2-r1



Could that explain the issue?

Thanks in advance.

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Your boot parameters look fine. Mine look a little different but I don't think it's the issue.

params += dolvm root=UUID=33179502-4a4e-456d-8ca8-eb0b73320235 rootfstype=ext4 resume=swap:UUID=78238a3f-6cd6-4cf5-b1a4-14fb7ad3856f quiet

Do you have lvm flag enabled for your kernel? That's what fixed the issue for me.

$ equery u debian-sources-lts
[ Legend : U - final flag setting for installation]
[        : I - package is installed with flag     ]
[ Colors : set, unset                             ]
 * Found these USE flags for sys-kernel/debian-sources-lts-4.19.67_p2-r3:
 U I
 + + binary        : <unknown>
 - - btrfs         : <unknown>
 + + custom-cflags : Build with user-specified CFLAGS (unsupported)
 - - ec2           : <unknown>
 + + luks          : <unknown>
 + + lvm           : <unknown>
 - - sign-modules  : <unknown>
 - - zfs           : <unknown>


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