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Hibernation / sleep?



Hi all,


I'm finally making my way back to Linux after a number of years lured away by OSX. I was an avid Gentoo user and I just successfully installed Funtoo on a new X1 Carbon. It was very easy and very friendly. Kudos on the documentation and the hard work to get the distribution there!


I haven't found any documentation related to putting the computer to sleep / hibernation.. And this is a laptop, so I'm going to want it to sleep when I close the lid. What does the Funtoo world recommend using for this?

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hey trevoke,


since i am in the same spot than you installing funtoo first time on a laptop, these questions come to my mind aswell. As for power management i stumbled across laptop-mode-tools (http://www.funtoo.org/Power_Management). My assumption is that this packages provides the functionality for those events and actions, but im not quite sure. Havent installed it yet.



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