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LiveCD that supports Reiser4 FS

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Minimal LiveCD Reiser4 FS - Fabio Scaccabarozzi

Reiser4 FS kernel patch - Edward Shishkin
Creating file systems:

#mkfs.reiser4 -o create=ccreg40,compress=lzo1 /dev/sdaX

Patch the kernel:

#gzip -dc reiser4-for-3.xx.x.patch.gz | patch -p1

Flexible IO Tester - Intel
phoronix.com - [ less is better ] Image report:

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i use debian based live cds....  if it doesn't support reiser4, simply apt-get in any support you need.  as i have access to edit debian wiki pages i can even document my install procedures over there.  (their wiki systems a bloody mess)  (im going to look into ubuntus wiki & i already know im locked out of cents)

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The proposal is to install the OS from scratch (the root), so this "minimal" Reiser4FS has support in the kernel, as well as their partitioning tools and maintenance (reiser4progs). Any other alternative - secondary partitions, just use "GParted", which can be ISO's, Debian, Ubuntu etc ... as you mentioned ;)

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