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Found 3 results

  1. Hi. I'm trying to install the rust-1.31.1 package. During compilation an error occurs because the machine has less than 4GB of memory. So I created an overlay and changed the limit from 4GB to 3GB. # free -m total used free shared buff/cache available Mem: 3416 686 298 1 2432 2449 Swap: 8191 0 8191 I followed this guide: Local Overlay My steps: 1. Creating the local reposiotry mkdir /var/git/overlay cd /var/git/overlay git clone https://githu
  2. I am trying to install mate and I'm getting stuck on this one package, engrampa. * Messages for package app-arch/engrampa-1.8.1-r1: * Cannot find $EPATCH_SOURCE! Value for $EPATCH_SOURCE is: * * /usr/portage/app-arch/engrampa/files/engrampa-1.8.0-caja-schema-fix.patch * ( engrampa-1.8.0-caja-schema-fix.patch ) * ERROR: app-arch/engrampa-1.8.1-r1 failed (prepare phase): It seems to me like the problem is it cannot find a patch that does not exist. I have not a clue how I would even fix this issue and I have looked for the patch on it's own but I came up dry. I also have tried mas
  3. Minimal LiveCD Reiser4 FS - Fabio Scaccabarozzi http://faskatech.net/ Reiser4 FS kernel patch - Edward Shishkin http://sourceforge.net/projects/reiser4/ Creating file systems: #mkfs.reiser4 -o create=ccreg40,compress=lzo1 /dev/sdaX Patch the kernel: #gzip -dc reiser4-for-3.xx.x.patch.gz | patch -p1 Compilebench https://reiser4.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/File:Compilebench-0.6.pdf Flexible IO Tester - Intel phoronix.com - [ less is better ] Image report: http://openbenchmarking.org/embed.php?i=1307311-SO-LINUX310R53&sha=c4f5b4f&p=2
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