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New steam-nvidia-launcher ebuild now available

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  • Funtoo Linux BDFL

Before releasing the Mesa-based Steam launcher, it was time to do a maintenance release on our official NVIDIA Steam launcher. This package now has an ebuild and the docs at https://www.funtoo.org/Steam have been updated accordingly. To emerge, type "emerge steam-nvidia-launcher" and then consult the wiki documentation for host setup steps.

This new launcher uses an updated container image which will store your downloaded games in ~/SteamData  on the host, rather than in the container. This will allow for game persistence (not having to re-download games) for future iterations of the container. For this to work well, the launcher was tweaked so that the steam user inside the container is created dynamically and its UID is set to the UID of the user creating the steam container. This way, there are no permissions problems with ~/SteamData.

Also in this release, there were a few minor changes related to PulseAudio which have seemed to resolve an issue of PulseAudio sometimes not initializing properly.

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