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Funtoo now has Official Steam Docker Images

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  • Funtoo Linux BDFL

Hi everyone,

Since the 1.4 release, we have technically supported running Steam under Funtoo using LXD, docker or chroot, but we didn't really have an official build of Steam or official instructions, so a lot was left to the user and I know this was frustrating for a lot of people.

When I realized that Steam setup was an ongoing, painful, still unresolved issue, I started work on an official set of instructions for setting up Steam, and I wasn't happy with the existing documentation out on the Interwebs for getting this set up, so I had to create our own reliable solution for this. The fruit of this effort is that we now have an official Steam Docker image for use on NVIDIA systems, as well as official setup instructions here:


This is now the *official* way to install Steam on Funtoo. If you use our GNOME stage3, you are 95% of the way to getting Steam up and running, audio and all. If it's not working for you, open a bug, and we'll work on fixing the bug. No longer are you left to try to figure this out on your own or troubleshoot on your own.

Also note that getting NVIDIA acceleration in containers working properly is a lot more complex than Open Source drivers. You should expect an Open Source edition of the Docker image to appear soon, along with similar detailed and officially-supported instructions.

Enjoy! And let me know how it works (you can post in the Announcements Discussion forum)


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