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The Gnome Foundation is requesting aid fighting a patent troll.

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I have no issues with people making an honest living from their work but there are lines that shouldn't be crossed and I do no believe that Rothschild Patent Imaging, LLC is anything other than a troll looking to make a quick buck.  Besides, I also believe software should never be subject to patents. 

The greed machine is attacking us.  I say "us" because even though I don't write free software it accounts for about 80% of the software I use.  If you can do anything to help (such as donate a bit money or provide evidence of prior art to invalidate the patent) please do so.

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Naah.  The GNOME Foundation has been a major enabler of Redhat co-opting the majority of the Linux FOSS ecosystem through systemd and it's ever expanding tenticals.  Let them get money from their corporate sponsors at Redhat/IBM, Canonical, and Google.

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