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Debian-sources fails to emerge


When following the directions for a new 1.4 install at https://www.funtoo.org/Install/Kernel, I tried 

# echo "sys-kernel/debian-sources binary" > /etc/portage/package.use
# emerge -av debian-sources

But this failed with ERROR: LUKS support cannot be included: no file /sbin/cryptsetup.

I noticed the output included

Running with options: --no-save-config --no-oldconfig ... --disklabel --lvm --luks --mdadm --no-btrfs --no-zfs ...

and the --lvm --luks part seemed wrong, since my system doesn't have either of those things.

After comparing debian-sources-5.2.9_p2-r2.ebuild to debian-sources-lts-4.19.67_p2-r1.ebuild, which had built successfully in the previous step, I changed lines 224 and 225 of the ebuild from

      --lvm \
      --luks \


      $(usex lvm --lvm --no-lvm ) \
      $(usex luks --luks --no-luks ) \

and after that it emerged successfully.


It looks like the ebuild has updated to 5.2.17_p1 since I synced, but those lines are still the same, so perhaps the same fix would be beneficial for others?

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