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XFCE wiki instructions



I followed the instructions here for installing xfce. One the annoyances I ran into was that shutdown/reboot would always be grey'ed out.


I dug through all sorts of google searches to find the answer. I finally got it fixed but a couple of things jumped out at me.


The "Power Group" section of the xfce page says to edit a policy file. Problem is that policy file won't exist until the upower package is installed. Didn't see a reference on the page to install that package.


To solve the disabled reboot/shutdown buttons, I removed the text "--with-ck-launch" from ~/.xinitrc. I lost the url to the forum discussion where I found that nugget. The rationale was that startxfce4 already starts a dbus and consolekit session. Once I removed "ck-launch" text, logged out then logged in, buttons were enabled!


Does the install/wiki page need a little attention?

Did I misread something?

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this belongs under http://www.funtoo.org/Talk:Xfce


see "actions > discussion"


(and yes the wiki needs your attention)  i just run "exec startxfce4" as i figure if xfce4's going to be working, and working right it should work from the command line startxfce4 (instead of startx)


id take out the lightdm stuff and move it over to the lightdm package page if its missing any of that, and place a link to the xdm page.

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