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Why don't recent GCC versions support compiling? (and some workaround)



As an Arduino developer, I use crossdev for creating toolchains (in this case, avr), but then I found recent versions (from 4.6.4) don't support cross-compiling, and I don't know why.

4.6.2-r2 has some errors at compiling, and I had (for a while) to use a pretty older version, 4.3.3.


Anyway, as a workaround, I had to download the Gentoo GCC ebuilds (that support toolchain), and all works flawlessly.

Also, I made a script for that.


wget -r --no-parent --reject "index*" --quiet "http://$URL"
if [[ -e "$PORTDIR/gcc" && -L "$PORTDIR/gcc" ]];then
    rm -v $PORTDIR/gcc
if [[ "$?" == "0" ]];then
    echo "Success!"
    echo "Something failed"
echo "Cleaning..."
rm -rv $URL

Now, my question is: it will be (re)supported in future ebuilds for, at least, most of the Funtoo GCC ebuilds?

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Drobbins made some improvements to gcc since the 4.6.2 ebuilds, and they are not cross-compile friendly.  You have the right idea though, I've been using the Gentoo ebuilds for cross-compiling for over a year now, all works great that way, no fuss once you figure that out.  I'm a heavy distcc user with a good assortment of different machines here (including arduino).  My 1st mega on the way for this

Um, how much for the hat?

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