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Hosting Update


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Hi All,


Here are some updates on Funtoo Hosting.


I've added a second server, configured identically as the first, to the mix. Right now, it's in "beta" mode as it is having some cooling issues, likely due to thermal grease that needs replacement. It is stable, just hits the CPU throttle temp and performance is affected somewhat. Expect to have this resolved shortly.


OpenVZ kernels have been upgraded to the latest versions on both servers. Live migration between servers is now functioning, which means i can move your container between servers without you even knowing it happened :)


I can even reboot the server when I need to do a kernel update, and your system will freeze for 30 seconds and then come back online in the exact state it was in prior to reboot. Cool stuff.


I have also enabled QoS on both servers which should result in much better network responsiveness, and dedicated bandwidth for UDP packets which are typically used for game hosting as well as mosh sessions. ssh interactive packets are also being prioritized to improve interactive ssh responsiveness.


As part of these changes, I've also gotten HP's Health Management software working under Funtoo! I've documented how to do this here:



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