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Latest stuff - NVIDIA, pam rewrite available for testing, new debian-sources-lts

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Hi all --

We are in the final stages of prepping a total rewrite of the graphics stack in Funtoo which is based on libglvnd rather than "eselect opengl". This work was done by TemptorSent and improves our NVIDIA support but also essentially updates how GL is handled under Funtoo for everyone to be more modern. If you want to play around with this and have NVIDIA hardware, see https://www.funtoo.org/Package:NVIDIA_Linux_Display_Drivers#TemptorSent's Experimental NVIDIA ebuilds . I actually have libglvnd running fine on my Intel-based laptop as well, so these steps can be used on any hardware -- just re-emerge mesa and skip nvidia-drivers.

Debian-sources-lts 4.9.168_p1 is now unmasked for everyone.

I have also significantly updated and rewritten the pam and pambase ebuilds. These incorporate the latest updates from gentoo plus a bunch of funtoo changes. Basically, the new pam- contains the very latest upstream fixes for pam, and also incorporates the old pambase ebuild. The new pambase ebuild -- pambase-20190426.ebuild -- is simply a 'virtual' package. It just depends on pam to satisfy any dependencies of packages that require pambase. The other funtoo-specific changes in pam are:

  1. Relax pam_limits so that it attempts to set resource limits but does not prevent you from logging in if it somehow fails to do this. This is important for preventing lxd users from being locked out due to /etc/security/limits.conf changes in containers.
  2. Incorporation of pam_faillock, which is optional functionality that can disable an account login after multiple failed login attempts. This is required by some security standards. (This patch comes from Red Hat.)
  3. Deprecate consolekit and systemd support in the ebuild.
  4. Deprecate multilib support in the ebuild.

This stuff is currently keyword masked and expert users are encouraged to unmask them and test them -- but be prepared for the possibility of login issues on your test system, which means have a livecd or liveUSB handy.



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