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Forum is semi-broken.

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This forum has several issues that together make it seem like it is semi-broken. (Although, I can see how #2 through #5 could be intentional, but I really hope they're not.)

[1] · My user (and apparently, a few of others) are stuck at zero post count for some reason. EDIT: making my sixth? (not sure; didn't count) post now gave me a post count of one. What the...

[2] · The post writing interface appears to lack a switch to disable the WYSIWYG mode and go to plain-text mode which allows to manipulate the whichever underlying markup language directly. I consider this very much a bug.

[3] · Posts within a thread lack post numbers (i.e. numbers showing which post it chronologically is in a given thread.) This makes referencing a post in larger threads tad nontrivial if wanting to avoid outright quoting the said post.

[4] · "Newlines are on sale – buy one, get one free!" i.e. adding an explicit newline in the text produces double line spacing AKA "reddit spacing", which is not always desired, yet some way to avoid this, when needed, is not exposed. Solving #2 would indirectly solve this one, I suppose.

[5] · There is no way to either inline "code" or explicitly switch to a fixed-width font for a part of text, either witch are used to denote e.g. a command being referenced, which would be rather useful knowing the context of this forum. This too be would likely be indirectly solved if #2 gets solved.

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[6] · In email notifications about new replies to threads, opening the "Go to this post:" link always gives me the same error message:

Sorry, there is a problem
We could not locate the item you are trying to view.
Error code: 2S136/C 


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