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help with updating package.use


whenever I finish doing something in emerge such as installing a package or updating my system I get the message config file 'etc/portage/package.use' needs updating however when I look for the file I can't find it and I am not sure how to update it as I can't find it, my guess was to do emerge -auDN etc/portage/package.use but it says it's not a valid package atom, I've looked on the wiki and have prodded around for a few days but have been unable to find a solution. Thank you for the help in advance, and best regards!

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This is telling you that you have an auto generated package.use file in that directory.  Look in /etc/portage for a possible updated config file or files  .cfg0000_package.use (note you may have a lot depending on how long it has been giving you that error).  From a root or super user command prompt run: cd /etc/portage/  and then ls -al   as then are hidden files. (filenames starting with a . are hidden)

dispatch-conf is a tool designed to help update config files.


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