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Gentoo vs Funtoo configuration ease


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Hi guys, old-time Gentoo user from version 1.2 circa 2002.

The original Gentoo was so smooth and polished up until Daniel left, even the forums back then had really cool, well'mannered guys hanging out helping each other. It was a wonderful place to be.

There were some grievances I had with the older Gentoo though ! One was the fact that I had to configure X, that was always a pain, and the other was messing around with fonts. I remember getting beautiful fonts by default when Daniel was still heading Gentoo, but not after he left.

I'm at the stage where I have neither the time nor the inclination to fanny around with such things. I used to spend endless amounts of time getting WindowMaker configured the way I wanted, I was such a pain.

These days, I find Gnome-Shell a wonderful successor as my Desktop Environment; font configuration is probably being handled by it.

Could someone clarify if things have improved ? Would I still have to setup X (or is it Wayland now), handle font configuration etc ?

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were starting to get a STRONG wiki team assembled.  im still working on polluting the wiki with logic.    all you have to do is specify the video card to your make.conf and im still working on that document...  its still a bit rough at the moment regarding determining which card you need to configure.  (you can break the rules and look at gentoo's wiki with your specific card)  if it doesn't say emerge xorg-server xorg-x11 it will.....


the thing about funtoo's wiki is that it contains excellent editing instructions so even a lvl 2 noob can make excellent content additions and revisions....


funtoo.org > go > how to wiki


& welcome




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I had to mess around with fonts for a while. It is possible just to set the infinality flag and use that, which is pretty effortless, but I wasn't completely satisfied with them so I just set everything up manually myself in ~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf. That said, I don't use a big DE so maybe less would be needed for you if you plan to use Gnome. 


Font configuration is definitely an area that could use some more documentation in our wiki though. 

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