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[Wiki] Remove fancynote and counterparts in favor of their non-fancy equivalents


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  • Funtoo Linux Developer

With the new design Template:Fancynote is now an alias for Template:Note.


Though {{Fancynote}} is most widely used, I'd suggest to remove it in favor of {{Note}} which is more concise and meaningful.


If you agree, I will replace all {{Fancynote}} occurences to {{Note}} and mark [[Template:Fancynote]] as deprecated (with the new template I created for that purpose) so that people using {{fancynote}} get warned it has changed.


Obviously, this also applies to (fancy)important, (fancy)tip, and (fancy)warning.


Not a big deal, but there is some general cleanup to do on the wiki regarding to deprecated things, old pages, unused things, wanted things, ...

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