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up-to-date kernel packages from Gentoo

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Hi there.  Long-time lurker, first-time poster.  I've been using Funtoo since 2012 (Gentoo since 2004) and I like what you're doing with it.  For a few years now I've preferred Funtoo to Gentoo when I build new things; and as a physicist, I get to do lots of neat stuff.

I have a request:  Will you please add sys-kernel/{gentoo,vanilla}-sources to the list of packages (e.g. vim) that are kept up-to-date?

I already maintain a local overlay for a few things and can automate tracking gentoo myself, but it becomes a chore to do this everywhere and I can't be the only person with an interest in these simple kernel packages.  (I think it would be marvelous if funtoo tools presented a way to automate tracking gentoo for simple things, without having to maintain an overlay ...)

Thanks for your consideration!  Keep up the good work. ?

(pic unrelated; but it was created with gnofract4d running on a Funtoo machine)


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