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Gnome 3.30: Time/Date Dispay is always UTC [Solved]


Just upgraded to Gnome 3.30.  The time/date display in the middle of the top bar is always UTC.  My system clock is using local time America/Chicago for Central Standard Time.  Using the settings utility in gnome, it shows the correct time zone, but it says UTC America/Chicago.  No matter what I change it to, it will still show UTC time.

If I manually change the time with the gnome settings date / time control, it will change the system time to UTC, but the time/date will be correct.

How do I force gnome to NOT BE STUCK in UTC?

Screenshot from 2018-12-15 18-28-10.png

Screenshot from 2018-12-15 22-54-59.png

Screenshot from 2018-12-15 22-55-06.png

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As a symlink?, no.  Forgot how I set it, but it is in the /etc/localtime file.  I remember the old way was to symlink it.  Then it change in funtoo some time ago (years?).  I'll have to browse the install guide to see if it is there.

# date
Sun Dec 16 12:31:54 CST 2018

CST is Central Standard Time in the U.S., which is set by America Chicago.

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The Funtoo Install Guide says it should be a symlink.  I think I may have seen a emerge message mentioning to set the timezone with tzselect.  So I did.  LOL!

Changing the file to a symlink fixed the Time/Date Display.



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