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virtualbox-guest-additions KERN_DIR


Hi there,

I am attempting to emerge virtualbox-guest-additions package.  This consistently fails with the error message:

*** The variable KERN_DIR must be a kernel build folder and end with /build without a trailing slash, or KERN_VER must be set.  Stop.

The values reported in relation to this error message are:


I have come across this error being reported many times reported for other distributions.  In these cases the suggestion has been to install linux-headers and pre-populate KERN_DIR with path to your kernel source before installing.  I have even tried hard coding this in the ebuild, also I have tried masking off ebuilds to use the Gentoo stable version.

Any help or insight would be gratefully received.

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The current version which Funtoo tries to build is virtualbox-guest-additions-5.2.14.

When I try to emerge virtualbox-guest-addtions-5.1.36, then xf86-video-virtualbox-5.1* is pulled in which blocked by xf86-video-vboxvideo-1.0.0 and turns into a rabbit hole of dependency conflicts.


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