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Funtoo 3rd-Generation Infrastructure

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As Funtoo matures, we keep evolving our own infrastructure. This is the infrastructure we use for user containers as well.

Progress on this is going well. All of Funtoo (www, forums, bugs, auth) is now hosted on this brand-new infrastructure and performance of all the funtoo sites now appears to be very very good. We did initially have some issues we were experiencing with ZFS so we are now using another approach which will be detailed in future docs, and it is running much better.

Soon, we will be launching new things related to funtoo hosting in regards to the new infrastructure. Much more automation, rather than having to send us an email to get things done. Some surprises -- and that's one of the reasons why we added authy integration to the funtoo logins -- because they will be used to manage your containers in the future so we want to have more sophisticated security capabilities.



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