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1.3 updates

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  • Funtoo Linux BDFL

Hey Everyone,

We are doing a lot of heavy-lifting in the 1.3 kits to get them ready for human consumption. Please understand, though -- these kits have a Kit Stability Rating of "DEV" -- which means "developers only" -- if you use them, it's assumed you're helping and aligning/coordinating with our development efforts.

This means -- for now, avoid reporting bugs on 1.3 kits as this doesn't really help us out (yet). Most things are broken as we move stuff around and reorganize our ebuilds for 1.3, so we don't need help finding broken things. :)

That will change in a couple of weeks as we move into ALPHA and then BETA stability. Then we will be ASKING you to test it and report bugs. But not yet! :)



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