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I'm not able to emerge world.



ci74771ht ~ # emerge -DNu world
Calculating dependencies... done!

Oops! Conflicts have been encountered:                                                                
>>> media-tv/kodi-17.6-r2:0/0::media-kit, installed, wants <media-video/ffmpeg-3.4                    

My candidates are:
>>> media-video/ffmpeg-3.4.1:0/55.57.57::media-kit, ebuild scheduled for merge has SLOT 0/55.57.57    
>>> media-video/ffmpeg-3.3.6:0/55.57.57::media-kit, installed has SLOT 0/55.57.57

We hope this informational output has been useful in identifying the
problem. We are continually working to reduce conflicts. Do not
hesitate to report a bug at https://bugs.funtoo.org. Thank you! :)

emerge: there are no ebuilds built with USE flags to satisfy "net-misc/curl[ssl,curl_ssl_nss]".
!!! One of the following packages is required to complete your request:
- net-misc/curl-7.60.0::core-kit (Change USE: +curl_ssl_nss, this change violates use flag constraint
s defined by net-misc/curl-7.60.0: 'curl_ssl_winssl? ( elibc_Winnt ) threads? ( !adns ) ssl? ( exactl
y-one-of ( curl_ssl_axtls curl_ssl_gnutls curl_ssl_libressl curl_ssl_mbedtls curl_ssl_nss curl_ssl_op
enssl curl_ssl_winssl ) )')
(dependency required by "net-libs/liboauth-1.0.3::security-kit[nss,curl]" [ebuild])
(dependency required by "dev-libs/libgdata-0.17.5::gnome-kit" [installed])
(dependency required by "gnome-extra/evolution-data-server-3.20.6::gnome-kit" [installed])
(dependency required by "net-im/pidgin-2.13.0::net-kit" [installed])
(dependency required by "@selected" [set])
(dependency required by "@world" [argument])
ci74771ht ~ #


Thx for any suggesition.

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